Clothing-Optional Gay Resort INNdulge Is For Sale

Image via Inndulge

A popular gay resort in Palm Springs is up for sale.

If you like to go on gay getaways in Palm Springs, California, you may be familiar with INNdulge, And now, if you happened to have a good few million dollars, you could own it. According to the Bay Area Reporter, owners Jon Jackson and his partner Sandy Miller are looking to sell. Though, they want to make sure that that clothing-optional resort stays focused on serving gay customers. More specifically, they “stipulated that whoever buys it keeps the property as a gay resort.”


But why are they looking to sell? The owners said they originally didn’t want to, but they were informed by a broker advising them that commercial investors were turning toward lodging and away from buying retail or office space. As such, it’s the perfect time to sell the resort.

“If it wasn’t for a call from our broker, we would never have considered leaving so soon,” Jackson said. “(The broker) said that if we were thinking of selling INNdulge in the next five years, we should do it now.”

If you are interested in buying the space, you’ll need to chalk up $10.8 million. Time to bring out that piggybanks, folks.

Source: The Bay Area Reporter,  

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