Coco Peru Gets Animated

It’s Coco Peru as you have never seen her, as a cartoon. (Photo Credit: Screenshot of videos animated by HeadsOfBeef Animations via Miss Coco Peru Official YouTube Channel)

You’ve seen her in movies, you’ve seen her on television, and you’ve seen her on her YouTube videos. Now prepare to see Coco Peru as you have never seen her before, as an animated character.  In her 30 year career, Coco’s larger-than-life personality has made her one of the most recognizable drag queens in pop culture so it was only a matter of time until she was made into a cartoon.

It all started with a short fan art video with an impressive computer-animated Coco Peru holding a teacup and standing in front of a mic inside of a perfume bottle labeled “Coco Puff” while audio clips from some of Coco’s YouTube videos play. The animator is Alex C, who describes himself on his Instagram account as a concept artist, editor, and sound designer.  Coco put up the short video on her YouTube channel on April 15.


Less than a week later, Coco put up the first collaboration between her and Alex called It’s Your Girlfriend, Coco Peru! Episode 1: “La Coja.” In the animated short, Coco tells the story of a bird she befriended, which she claims was a lot like her.

Speaking of animals, Coco also has a compilation video on her YouTube channel called “Miss Coco Presents Coco’s Natural World,” which has her observing birds, squirrels, bees, and her plants.  The video, which is described as “If Coco Peru had a Nature Series on TV perhaps it might look something like this. . ,” is exactly what you would expect from Coco when it comes to her lively commentary.


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  1. Coco has helped me stay connected to humor and gay life during this dreaded pandemic. I love making my Tension Tamer Tea and watching Coco’s videos. I hope to meet her one day.


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