Coffee, Cocktails, Beer, And Birthday Suits

Sharing some of our favorite posts on Instagram this week. First up, Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo was looking for a tennis partner:

Max Emerson celebrated his birthday in his birthday suit:

Instinct’sHottie of the Week” Okkar Min Maung served up this lesson in embracing opposites:

Kalen Allen had a message about being authentic vs. assimilating:

Former NFLer Julian Edelman admits “if it looks like a trap, it is:”

J. McGee was a vision in green down in Key West:

Garrett Magee of Bravo’s Backyard Envy said something about a t-shirt but we got distracted:

Ajay Holbrook shared how a “flower bloomed in a dark room:”

Usually a beach bunny kinda guy, Ignacio Pérez Rey took a minute to get used to the ‘new colors’ of Switzerland:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald offered this life hack for the weekend:

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy jumped to conclusions:

Seattle fur ball Wes Dupee totally ‘beared-out’ with beer, beanie and flannel:

1 thought on “Coffee, Cocktails, Beer, And Birthday Suits”

  1. Jesus could these people be airbrushed anymore??? Hilarious! I work in advertising and all of the guys look like comic book figures. The worst airbrushing ever. When is Edelman going to come out, everyone knows he is gay. Shit bro just fucking admit that you suck cock.


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