Cole Connor Was Beaten And Mugged By A Group Of Six Thugs In Hollywood

Car jackings, robberies and violent attacks have been on the rise in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, gay adult porn star Cole Connor is the latest to fall victim to one of these egregious acts.

Credit: Instagram/coleconnor_official

Connor, who is signed exclusively to Falcon/NakedSword studios, has been living in Los Angeles since 2006. He recently relocated from the uber gay friendly neighborhood of West Hollywood to Hollywood. While the adjoining neighborhoods are just a few miles away, they are certainly different in culture.

“I love it here. Everything has been perfect. Well, except for this.”

-Connor tells The Advocate

Connor recalls of the dreadful incident, he was meeting up with friends early on Sunday morning-at an after hours party, that was located only about five blocks from his apartment. Connor and his friend drove to the party, his friend being the one behind the wheel, but once they arrived he realized that he had left his ID card in the car. He got the car key from his friend and headed back to the car, alone.

Connor says he noticed a bunch of guys lingering around the car but he still proceeded. Once he opened the car door, to grab his ID that he was able to see through the window, the men suddenly attacked him. They were yelling “what the fuck are you doing in my car? Get the fuck away from my car!”.

Connor then says he tried to escape the beating by trying to jump in the car and lock the door, but the men were able to stop him and drag him out of the car, onto the sidewalk. While he was able to make it back to his feet in an attempt to run away, he fell down and the men continued to beat him-even pulling a bat out. Fortunately, a random car with three passengers (who apparently witnessed the attack) pulled up and and asked if Connor needed help and urged him to get in the car.

While, Connor says that no anti-gay slurs were hurled, the attack still felt like a “bad dream”. He says he has no idea why he was attacked and he thinks the group of six men were just out looking for trouble.

Connor survived the attack-escaping with bruises to his body, two black eyes, a sprained ankle and an ocular fracture that requires surgery. He also lost his phone and wallet in the attack. While it is a severe and unfortunate situation, we are happy that Connor made it out alive. Connor seems to be in good spirits, he has been updating people on his current physical and mental status via his social media.

I urge everyone, especially people of the LGBTQIA communities, to carry a stun gun and/or pepper spray when traveling alone (if it is legal to be armed with them in your state). We’re living in acrimonious times and people are getting more desperate and even more bold. Protect yourselves. Connor, hoping for a speedy recovery!

Credit: Instagram/coleconnor_official
Credit: Instagram/coleconnor_official


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