Colin Farrel Steps Into The Role Of The Penguin in “The Batman”

The casting for the upcoming film The Batman has been some of the most buzzed about since Robert Pattinson was announced to portray the Caped Crusader last year. We already have Zoe Kravitz on board as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, and Peter Sarsgaard recently cast in a mystery role that is heavily speculated to be that of Harvey Dent, also known as the Two Face. Earlier this week, the actor cast in the role of The Penguin seemingly has been revealed. 


Director Matt Reeves tweeted a simple gif of Irish heartthrob and Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell from the film In Bruges, showing him sheepishly shrugging his shoulders. The caption simply reads “Wait-is that you, #OZ” and a telling bat symbol at the end of the question. Sharp eyed DC Comics fanatics know that “Oz” is a shortened version of Penguin’s birth name, Oswald Cobblepot. (Reeves has launched similar tweets following other casting announcements surrounding this film). 

Reeves also just confirmed the role of Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred in a very similar way, essentially confirming that Andy Serkis would be portraying the Wayne Manor butler in the film



One person that is a fan of the casting; previous Penguin Danny DeVito. The Batman Returns actor told Screen Rant; “Colin’s a great actor… He’s a good friend of mine. I’ve known him for many years and I think he’s going to do a great job as the Penguin. It’s going to be really interesting to see his take on it.”

“The Batman” hits theaters in 2021

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