Colin Farrell’s Horrified Son Begs Him to Ditch the Short Shorts

Screen shot from Ellen interview

“Please dad, do not wear the short shorts.” 

Colin Farrell has been seen running around Los Angeles in nothing but short shorts. But Colin’s youngest son, Henry Tadeusz, 12, doesn’t seem to approve of his dad’s sartorial choices. 


A photo of a shirtless Colin running through West Hollywood was flashed on the screen in an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday. “It was very hot as you could see,” explained the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star. “The shirts came off pretty early into the run.”  

Ellen handed Colin a pair of shorts and commented, “They’re in for men.” 

To which Colin replied, “My youngest son [Henry] would disagree vehemently with you. ‘The Batman’ actor says his choice of running outfit has left Henry so mortified, he begged Colin to not wear short shorts ever again.  

Screen shot from Ellen

“But I tell him they feel good. It’s not a ‘fashion thing’, Ellen. Camel toe is never in. We’ve had this conversation.” 

When Ellen told the actor short shorts don’t cause camel toes, he quipped, “I have a few pictures that might prove you wrong.” 

This wasn’t the first time Colin has solicited visceral reactions from his son.  In an interview with Extra, the 45-year old actor shared that it was also quite a shock for Henry to see him transform into The Penguin. 

Colin will play the DC Comics villain opposite Robert Pattinson for the upcoming ‘The Batman’ film directed by Matt Reeves. 


He shares: “The first time we did it… we took six to eight hours just putting in the teeth for the first time, the wig, the bodysuit, the whole thing and it was really powerful.”

“When my kid saw me for the first time, he was utterly horrified,” Farrell laughed. “I have it on iPhone.” 

As much as his Penguin portrayal sparked early conversation for the newest Batman adaptation, though, Colin is expected to have but a few minutes of screentime for the film. But fans can anticipate him to star in an HBO Max The Penguin spin-off series.


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