Colin O’Leary Returns With A New Video

YouTuber Colin O’Leary (Photo Credit: Screenshot from latest video from Colin O’Leary’s YouTube Channel)

Colin O’Leary is back with a new video and while it may not be the standard video he usually serves, it certainly does not disappoint.  In the description on YouTube, O’ Leary explained:

Inspired by the great Judy Garland in ‘the window scene’ singing “The Boy Next Door” from Meet Me in St. Louis.


The YouTuber not only channels Judy Garland but also Bob Ross albeit shirtless at the beginning of the video when he paints a picture of Garland for a drag queen.

O’Leary did a short video of him lip-syncing to Liza Minelli’s ‘Maybe This Time,’ ‘Magic Dance’ by David Bowie from the film Labyrinth, and Lady Gaga’s ‘Lovegame.’


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Source: Colin O’Leary Official YouTube Channel



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