College Basketball Player Uses his ASSets to Knock a Player Over

Duke basketball player (and some would say handsome dude) Grayson Allen has made his career somewhat controversial due to his usage of tripping opponents during several games.  Last night, he decided to knock a player from rival school North Carolina over, except instead of tripping them with his feet, he used another vital ASSet.


In a move that could easily reference Juvenile's 1999 hit song "Back That Ass Up", Grayson bumped into UNC's Garrison Brooks by literally backing his booty up into him which then promptly knocked him over.  Notice how it massively jiggles beforehand. 

Grayson, who is nothing short of polarizing, definitely got the crowd last night (primarily UNC fans) all riled up.  He received a foul for his unsportsmanlike contact, but that sort of thing happens at any gay bar in the USA, so… wrong place, wrong time?

See the clip below. 

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