Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Is Engaged!

Jared Polis (left) and Marlon Reis at Denver Pride 2018. / Image via Instagram @jaredpolis

Colorado’s governor is now engaged!

Yesterday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced his engagement to his longtime partner Marlon Reis. Polis, the first openly gay elected governor in the United States of America, shared this news in an interview with the Colorado Sun. The couple also shared the story of how Polis proposed back in December. First Gentleman Reis was in recovery after battling the coronavirus and was advised to the hospital to receive medical support.


“I was getting my things ready. My daughter was crying in the corner — she didn’t want me to go,” recalled Reis, 39. “My son was asking me a lot of technical questions: ‘When are you coming back? Do they know exactly what’s wrong?’ It was a very tense moment.”

The chaos of the moment then quickly paused when Polis, 45, got down on one knee.

“It was the absolute perfect time,” Reis said. “I said to him, ‘I couldn’t breathe before. Now I really can’t breathe.’”


The couple have been together for 17 years. Together, they have raised a 6-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son. Reis noted that the coronavirus has made it clear to people, like himself, that things we took for granted “can still be taken away from us, sometimes without any notice.”

“Let’s not wait. Let’s live life while we have it to live,” Reis added. “Let’s celebrate and look out for each other and keep caring about the things that we care about. Even though we’re dealing with these circumstances, we can’t give up on our dreams.”

After the announcement of their engagement, several politicians within the state of Colorado have congratulated the couple.


“Congrats @JaredPolis and First Gentleman Reis!” wrote Senator John Hickenlooper on Twitter.

“Congrats to my friends @GovofCO Jared Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis on their engagement!” added Rep. Diana DeGette. “We couldn’t be more thrilled for you both!”

Source: The Colorado Sun,

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