Colton Ford Makes Vulnerability Sexy With His New Single ‘Stay’

Combining a combination of raw vulnerability with a moody and melancholy vibe (along with a super sexy video shot & directed by Kevin D. Hoover), Colton Ford’s brand new single ‘Stay’ delivers a much-needed message on relationships in a gorgeous package. The overarching message of ‘Stay’ showcases how so many of us are keenly aware that opening ourselves up to love can trigger our own fears. Ford says “I think most people have issues with abandonment one way or the other”. While Ford’s own issues stemmed from an absent father and a stepfather he did not get along with, the issues are also relatable to so many in our own community. 

Photo Courtesy-Aaron Cobbett

At time, relationships have proven to be a challenge for this multi-faceted performer. Ford says “I am very focused and ambitious, and I know it can be a lot,” he admits. “I am an artist who is driven by his passion and need to create and pursue his dreams. Unless you are afflicted with this powerful energy and desire, it’s hard to understand the dynamics involved in the experience. There are no set hours, I’m on the road for periods of time, I can be pulled into things at the drop of a hat that make me not as available on a regular basis as someone who is in a career that has a more predictable steady rhythm.”


Ford is planning on delivering plenty of other steady rhythms with ‘Stay’. He is releasing a House/Buddha Bar/Soul remix by Spin Sista, and two separate videos directed by Kevin Hoover. One is the YouTube friendly version, while the other is uncensored and will be released on Ford’s OnlyFans page.

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Hoover

Ford’s Only Fans page is being released in tandem with the release of ‘Stay’. “It wasn’t something I thought about doing until recently” Ford says “When we were talking about the video and making it more provocative, the question was where and how we would make the more adult edit available to people. Only Fans!” Members of Colton Ford’s OnlyFans page will be able to access content they won’t get anywhere else including brand new and never before released images, col- laborations with other OnlyFans creators, a vlog where Colton talks about the is- sues of the day, and, of course, the OnlyFans explicit edit of the ‘Stay’ video.


One of the overarching messages that Colton Ford is delivering is that no matter your age, sexiness never simply has to cease, and you can embrace it no matter your age. At a smoldering 58 years old, Colton fully embraces continuing to be both an “artist and exhibitionist” and still thrives on “taking chances and pursuing my dreams”. 

“Too many of us don’t live the life we truly want, because we are too concerned about the judgments of others. I’m going to talk about that on my OnlyFans vlog: how I’ve navigated these things and continue to live the way that I want to live and express myself the way that I want. Let the haters and naysayers try and get in my way!”

Photo-Courtesy of Kevin Hoover

Written and produced by Colton Ford, Ron Schrader, and Spin Sista, Colton Ford’s “Stay” is a Woop Woop Productions release, distributed by Woop Woop Music and available on all major digital platforms. The music video is on YouTube.

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