Colton Haynes Formally Invites You to His ‘Gun Show’

Colton Haynes (image via Instagram)

Oh, Colton Haynes. I will forever remember you as Chanel #5‘s somewhat boyfriend who was murdered by The Green Meanie during season two of Scream Queens. If you’ve never seen the comedy-horror show from Ryan Murphy, let me highly recommend it for nothing else but sheer WTF value.

Haynes, age 35, has remained mostly out of the limelight for the last year. Aside from reprising his role as Jackson Whittemore in Teen Wolf: The Movie and co-starring in the music video for Tyler Childer’s In Your Love – which peaked at #43 on the Billboard Hot 100 – the out hottie has taken some time to himself after struggling with anxiety.


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But it looks like the former teen heartthrob is doing very well if his new Instagram snaps are any indication of how his life is doing at the kickstart of 2024. 


It’s giving arms and traps. And, honestly, you can never go wrong when looking at a hot man in sweatpants. 

Where else have we seen Colton? A model turned actor and photographer, Haynes is most known for his roles in Teen Wolf (the TV show), DC’s Arrow and a handful of appearances in the American Horror Story series.


He also released a memoir, Miss Memory Lane, which delved deeply into his personal life. 

Here’s hoping the Kansas native reaches new career heights in 2024, all while remaining healthy and happy. Until then, thanks for the photos, Mr. Haynes! 


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  1. Anyone remember he was suppose to star in a gay movie or series about an Instagay? Wonder if and when it’s suppose to be released?


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