Colton Haynes Gets His Sun On – And On, And On, And On

Colton Haynes has been a sun-bunny for years. His Instagram often features the hottie-with-a-body frolicking outdoors at a beach, or pool or lake.

It appears the Arrow/Teen Wolf star forgot his sunscreen this weekend, though, as he posted a scorching (and not in a good way) selfie showing him seriously sunburned with the caption, “Omg don’t you guys just love Winter?” 



Omg don't you guys just love Winter?

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But trust and believe, if the 29-year-old’s Instagram is any indication, he’ll be back out in the elements soon. 

Let’s take a stroll through some of handsome Haynes’ sun-strewn pics.

For instance, Haynes says he likes to "Drink. Beach. Sleep. Repeat." That could lead to some ouch-y results…



Drink. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

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So you can tell he really, really likes his ‘fun in the sun’ days.



Look at that! Colton found some shade as he enjoyed some river time fun. #ThereYouGo



Getting lost in the woods

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Sometimes, he even wears clothes and a sensible hat when outdoors. #smartguy



@Gucci Gang

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Most of the time, though, Colton likes to get his rays on (and on and on and on…)



Which is probably how this happens…



Burnt to a crisp! Sunny days ahead

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(h/t Queerty)

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