Comedian Goes Viral Over Sexy Dance to a Justin Timberlake Classic

Credit: Casey Frey Instagram

Talk about being sexy at the oddest of places. Casey Frey, a popular internet personality who has amassed millions of followers with his funny videos, got social media talking in a big way after he showed off his dance moves to a Justin Timberlake classic at a gas station on Monday, March 16. 


Casey did his thing to Justin’s debut 2003 single “Like I Love You” while wearing a printed t-shirt and grey sweats where he appeared to have, um, worn nothing underneath but you can be the judge of that. He evoked both the Tennessee native and Michael Jackson while busting a move amid his time at the gas station that has clearly resonated with social media as the clip has already been retweeted 25,000 times.


He’s done this sort of thing before in many videos posted to his Instagram account. Take this one above where Casey put his over the top moves on display while dancing to a song by The Fritz

Casey appears to do a really good job at three things: balancing his dancing abilities with humor and sexiness all at the same time. That can’t be easy but he looks to do this flawlessly. 


I mean, look at the video above. Oh my god. 

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