Comedian Looks at When Someone Is Gay In The Sheets, But It Ain’t So Right.

We battle #45 with in your face, to the point, and some times jaw-dropping humor. Maybe we should do so with the KKK?  They are a little different turd burd than Donny John T. We know for a fact that the KKK stands for nothing good at all, but with the orange smoke screens DJ McTrumpsters keeps pushing out, we often wonder what does he know at all?  What does he stand for, if anything?

So when we stumbled upon this quick vid from Kevin Mouren-Laurens titled GayKK, we were like, well, let's give it a try.



One of my thoughts was we all come out in our own special way, often not picking the time or place or environment.  What if you were a GayKK member?  First, he's got to be pretty backwards to be gay and in the hooded rebellion, but many of us put ourselves in overly masculine and straight environments to hide who we really were.  Second … Really? White? After Labor Day and all year round?  Take his gay card away even before he gets it! 

I reached out to Kevin Mouren-Laurens and asked him a couple of questions about the video. 

INSTINCT: WTF were you thinking?!?  I mean, what was your catalyst for writing such a piece?

KEVIN: I thought wouldn't it be funny if a klan member was not only gay but preferred other ethnicities.  Because I'm attracted to them (men from other ethnicities), I'd be the worst klans member. It's like in what world is being accepting and open minded bad?

INSTINCT:  It was a comical piece. Are you doing this for a living now?

KEVIN: Yes I am, I'm a sketch comedian, I write sketches almost everyday so I'm always searching, a lot are gay centric because that's my point of view. I'm a Sunday Company Alum and CBS Diversity Showcase 2017, and I've been at the Groundlings writing for stage. I'm really excited about creating content for my own YouTube channel now so there will be more to come.

INSTINCT: Back to the video. Did you write "GayKK" so the klansmen had more of an issue with his sexuality or his love of other ethnicities?

KEVIN: Interesting question, both for sure but his relentless adoration of other ethnicities pushes it to a break.

Thanks Kevin for your humor. 

We will be looking forward to more of your work in the future.

And one more question he answered for us … he's single, too.



What do you think?