Comedian Michael Henry Isn’t Convinced There Are Disadvantages To ‘Pretty Privilege’

Back in August, Instinct covered psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey’s YouTube video breaking down the concept of “pretty privilege.”

In other words, what he calls ‘unearned advantages’ some folks are born with like being white, straight, male, cisgender, and yes, attractive.

When it comes to the ‘attractive’ component, Dempsey lists traits like being tall, having good hair, symmetrical features that he calls “hitting the genetic lottery.”

Funny man Michael Henry has decided to take a crack at understanding “pretty privilege” by chatting with a ‘privileged gay man’ (played in the video by Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell).

According to Eduardo, the term is “a scientific term used by doctors.”

“It’s what happens when you have a really great face, a full head of hair, sexy eyebrows, tight ass, quarter-sized nipples, eight inch penis…” explains Eduardo in rapid fashion. “All the traits that gay men unanimously like, and I happen to have all of them.”

The thing about “pretty privilege,” it seems, is you have to be “born into it” according to Eduardo.

But even for those lucky enough to find themselves born to “noblesse oblige,” it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Oh no, the list of ‘disadvantages’ to pretty privilege can be long, as Eduardo explains:

“I’m always invited to sex parties I don’t have time for, people just offer me drinks, drugs, jobs, I always have to update my Amazon wish list because it keeps getting fulfilled, money just gets Venmoed to me randomly, people always ask me for my Only Fans page and I don’t have one – yet!”

And the drain and strain of pretty privilege doesn’t end there.

It seems our privileged hero “once tried stand-up, and everybody just started jerking off.”

But Michael Henry isn’t so convinced about the “disadvantages to the privileges and advantages” that Eduardo says  he receives thanks to his looks.

“Honestly, I think you sound like a moron,” declares Henry. “I don’t feel bad for you, I don’t think that you’re privileged and I don’t think you should be whining about your perceived advantages to which you think is better looking than other people.”

Hooray! Michael Henry, our hero!

Check out the funny (but pointed) exchange below.

And you can find more from comedian Michael Henry at his YouTube channel here.




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