Comedian Sarah Cooper is a Viral Sensation For Her Relevant Yet Funny TikTok Videos

Sarah Cooper in her latest TikTok video (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from Sarah Cooper’s Twitter page)

What do you do when you have a president that says some outrageous things during a televised press briefing?  Writer and comedian, Sarah Cooper came up with the most hilarious answer.  When President Trump made the comments about using ultraviolet light to kill COVID-19 in the body on April 24, Cooper created her first Trump parody video called “How to medical” hours after Trump’s remarks and a viral star was born.


As of today (May 16, 2020), “How to medical” has over 16 million views with 152.1K retweets on Twitter including Mark Hamill and Jerry Seinfeld. 

Cooper’s next video, “How to strong death totals,” went up on May 1 and now has over 2 million views.


Cooper’s videos have created a catharsis for those who cannot believe Trump became president and says such unbelievable things such as what he said about using ultraviolet light to kill the coronavirus inside a human body and injecting disinfectant in the body.

In an interview with the Guardian, Cooper said, “I feel like we’ve been gaslighted for years, being told it is totally normal for a president to say things like this. It is a very validating thing to see something remind you that, no, this is actually ridiculous, and we can all agree on that.”

What makes Cooper’s videos so good is her facial expressions and body language in her portrayal of Trump and her exasperated looks in her portrayal as members of the press and Trump’s own staff.


Cooper’s latest video, “How to more cases than anybody in the world,” went up on May 15 and that same day Bette Midler tweeted the video with the remark, “And when she sniffs the sharpie, I just about fall down, every time.”

You can find Sarah Cooper’s videos on her Twitter page or her TikTok page.


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