Comedic Legend Kathy Griffin Gets a Shocking Political Invite

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who we profiled earlier this week for our gay icon series (more of that fantastic interview here), will come face to face with the man who made her life an absolute living hell over the past year (allegedly): Donald Trump, if he actually shows up.

Kathy tweeted on Friday that she has received an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 28th.  What's even better is that she is a guest of two major LGBT publications: Washington Blade and Los Angeles Blade.



Kathy has had quite the year since she posed for a photo holding a bloody mannequin head made to look like Trump was released.  Her career suffered greatly as she lost several of her gigs in the states and lost her gig doing CNN's New Year's Eve with her former friend Anderson Cooper.

Something that Kathy has made very clear, however, is how her undying support of the LGBT community has not wavered, so it comes as no surprise that she will be attending this event with two major journalism forces that highlight the struggles and accomplishments for all of us to read.

It's something that has bled into her career as well, as she highlighted in our recent interview with her just how amazing the LGBT community has been to her and how she's helped many be their authentic selves in the process.  "It’s interesting to me, because several people have come up to me and say, “Watching your show helped me come out," she revealed.  "I think it’s fascinating, because honestly to me, I’m just doing comedy and I’m trying to get my little social messages out there when I can, and obviously I’ve done quite a hell of a job with that the past year."

Trump didn't show up to this event in 2017, and given how much he mocks the media on a daily basis, it's almost assumed that he won't show up to this one… but you never know.

Congrats to Kathy on her invite! 


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