Confidence Is Everything With Lil Nas X & His Fine Physique

Some of us have a love of Lil Nas X’s for his musical talent, some love him for how he is living is big ol’ gay live out in the open and not giving a care about his haters, and some love him for how he is standing up and representing our community. You can possess one or all of these loves for him and of course one more, he’s hot!

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Now I cannot speak for everyone, but damn, yes, he is one foine man!  For those of us that have had a love affair with Mr Montero Lamar Hill himself, we’ve been very happy to see him show off his body-ody-ody-ody.  The artwork for his album has been a pleasure to look at. Dat ass! That body! That confidence! Can we kiss all of the butterflies?


When the video came out for “That’s What I Want” some of us were like, football players making out in a locker room?  Will there be an image of Lil Nas X in a jock strap?  NOPE! Damn!  But we did get a locker room shower scene so yes, that was most excellent (see Instagram post below for locker room scene).


And we of course did get to see Lil Nas X’s bits and pieces but in blurry form in his “Industry Baby” video. We loved loved loved.

But of course, one of the first times we got to see Lil Nas X show us how comfortable he is showing off his physique was in his Devil-lap dancing video for “Montero.” We cannot deny the bulge shown in his undies. I mean every man, woman, wolf, pig, horse, grandma, thirsty bird was looking.  DON’T DENY!


So, by now, if you haven’t guessed that the thirst is real for Lil Nas X and whatever he does, whatever he has, whatever is is willing to share… let me just say, it’s real.

So when he posted this TikTok showing off his abs, nipples, smile, eyes, and … whoa.


sorry about the dirty mirror



Thank you Mr Hill for letting your thirsty fans drink.  Can’t wait to see more X or even XXX? 


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