Lil Nas X’s Telling Homophobes To Shut Up & Move On

Image via YouTube @LilNasX

Lil Nas X sure works hard to dodge and dunk homophobes on Twitter.

It hasn’t even been a full weekend yet since Lil Nas X released the music and music video for his latest song “Industry Baby.” Yet, the musician has had to field several homophobic tweets about his new release. From people calling him an industry plant released into the world just to spread the “gay agenda” and appeal to the “lower demographic,” to people saying the gay-themed video is demonic. Lil Nas X has seen it all. But, thankfully, he’s responded to many of them too.

Now it’s pretty well-known by now, by anyone who followers him on Twitter, that Lil Nas X is not afraid to stand up to homophobia. In fact, he’ll often mock it. And he did just several times over the weekend.

For instance, one person called the song, which was co-produced by Kanye West, demonic and ridiculed the religious man for being involved with the work. In response, Lil Nas X replied that there was nothing demonic about the music video. While the prior music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” directly involved the devil, “Industry Baby” was just about a jailbreak. Lil Nas X then told the homophobe to “just say you hate gay people musty.”

One other Twitter user then compared the way Jack Harlow, who was featured in the song and is straight, was depicted in the video to Lil Nas X. The homophobe called Lil Nas X in the video an “emasculation and attack on Black men.” Lil Nas X then responded by calling out the Twitter user for viewing “femininity as weakness.”

That user then, of course, deleted his tweet.

And those weren’t the only homophobic posts Lil Nas X had to deal with over the weekend.

Over the weekend, there have been some who question the legitimacy of Lil Nas X and his successes. They claim he’s an industry plant or that he’s creating these music videos and social media presence for shock value and attention. And to that I say, “No. And even if so, so what?”  Lil Nas X is creating visibility for gay Black men like never before. He is showing us, and the world, by example that Black men can be out loud and proud. That we can flaunt our bodies, that we can twerk, that we can experiment with our clothing, that we can celebrate our sexualities, that we can dance like nobodies watching, that we can fight for our right to exist, and that we can breathe.

And even better, he’s also supporting a much-needed charity while doing it. In a fight to end cash bail and mass incarceration, Lil Nas X has joined forces with the Bail Fund.

Now keep in mind, there have been many queer Black men that came before Lil Nas X. Many performers, activists, and so on. Many of them have taught and lived these lessons before. But the level of visibility that Lil Nas X is doing it is, at the very least, something to recognize. This is not a competition. His success does not diminish any others. It only creates room for more.

So to close out this article, I just want to say quickly to Lil Nas X, as a gay black man inspired by your music videos, stage performances, and social media presence, thank you. Truly, thank you.

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