Congratulations to Mister International 2017’s Winner Lee Seung Hwan

Congratulations to Lee Seung Hwan for winning the Mister International 2017 competition!

We talked about Lee Seung Hwan last year when he was a part of the Mister International Korea competition. Entering the competition as number 17, Lee ended up on top and became the winner of that beauty contest. He then took over for Gu Yeong Jung who had won the competition the year before him.

Lee Seung Hwan is a 23-year-old university student at the Dankook University. Some of his hobbies and passions include skiing and snowboarding.

To go with that athletic mindset, Lee’s currently studying Sports Rehabilitation at Dankook University with the goal of becoming a Sports Science professor someday.

That said, that dream is now being put on hold after winning the Mister International competition.

Mister International is an annual beauty contest that was held in Myanmar/Burma a couple days ago (April 30). The competition included 25 men from many different countries like Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Panama, and more.

The mission and purpose of the competition is to celebrate beauty and to “empower men to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best.”

The competition has been doing so since 2006 and in Mister International 2017 (the annual titles carry the prior year) Lee Seung Hwan is the victor.

As the winner, Lee will now have to put his studies on pause as he’ll now be living in Singapore for year. That will be his home base as he’ll travel around the globe acting as a spokesperson at several events and functions.

In addition, he’ll be given accommodations in an apartment, a year-long salary, living expenses, a modeling portfolio by fashion photographer Raymond Saldana, sponsored travel, and a managing contract with the Mister International Organization.

Congratulations Lee Seung Hwan.

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