Conservative Christians Complain After AT&T Released A Commercial With Gay Fathers

Two Dads reconsider leaving thier kids with an "ok" babysitter / Screenshot via YouTube @AT&T

AT&T has released a commercial advertisement which spotlights an interracial gay couple. The “Just OK” campaign argues that their products are built to excel, as opposed to their competitor’s “just ok” options.

The beautiful ad delivers this message by showing a gay couple leaving their children with a “just ok” babysitter. The babysitter quickly shows that she’s not up to the task of taking care of the children, and the couple become worried about her care. This is, of course, all meant to be received with a light laugh.

The AT&T commercial is inclusive and light without being too controversial or heavily political. That said, it seems like the very inclusion of a gay couple was too much for some folk.

According to LGBTQNation, a man named Peter LaBarbera, who’s also the head of hate group Americans For Truth, says the commercial is spinning a terrible story.

First, LaBarbera takes issue with the ad promoting an interracial couple in an argument reminiscent of the 1960s.

“Anyone with a pulse who watches TV should have noticed by now that the ad business is engaged in heavy-handed promotion of interracial couples. (It seems as if 90 percent are interracial.),” LaBarbera writes on the AfTAH website.”

“Even for everyday Americans like me who loathe racism and applaud such couples, the campaign is tiresome and condescending. As a friend told me the other day: ‘It’s as if in TV World, white people don’t marry white people anymore, and black people don’t marry black people.’ Irritating overkill from the ‘diversity’ scolds.”

So ultimately, LaBarbera is trying to condemn media for representing interracial relationships, but then tries to escape criticism by saying he “applauds such couples.”

But LaBarbera also has a problem with the fact that the couple are gay men too.

“Now throw sexual perversion into the mix,” he adds. “Hollywood and Corporate America have been working overtime for years to normalize homosexuality and gender confusion, and it’s only going to get worse.”

Peter LaBarbera / Image via GLAAD

Honestly, we don’t want to give this man too much of a platform, so we’ll stop his ranting here. But unfortunately, it seems that he's not alone.

The YouTube video for the commercial has led to the congregation of anti-gay viewers since it's posting. While 219 people have liked the video, 255 have disliked it. In addition, the comments section is riddled with hateful messages.

 "MEN CANT HAVE BABIES SO THIS IS A FALSE AD" wrote one commenter.

"Two dads. Is this really necessary AT&T?" wrote another.

"Why offend 99% of the market to promote a special personal agenda ? Who is your Ad agency ?" shared a third.

But thankfully, not all of the commenters were anti-gay.

"Most of these comments are garbage (not surprising). Thanks for the subtle representation AT&T <3" penned one fan.

And instead of commenting further on the haters, we’ll just share the AT&T commercial again.

Again, the video is short and inclusive without being too heavy-handed, so we're almost surprised at the unnecessary hate. Almost.

But, we're too pleased at the support from AT&T to care. We should celebrate that. And we will.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation, Americans For Truth

9 thoughts on “Conservative Christians Complain After AT&T Released A Commercial With Gay Fathers”

  1. Why the hell are you mother

    Why the hell are you mother effers complaining. It’s like Dave Chappelle said take your chips and leave the casino you’re about to crap out” I was first taken aback a little cus I’m not used to seeing a gay couple on tv commercials but you fucking won!!! What else do you need??? As a straight person looking at this commercial all I saw was two concerned parents leaving their children with a half assed baby sitter. Look ninjas’….. I don’t always agree with same sex marriage or relationships but when I when I see two adults caring for the well being of a child who only wants the best for a child that’s where I draw the line…the commercial is here and in our faces!!!! Truth is…this is reality. I had two straight parents who never were right in marriage. And really honestly never loved one another but when I see two people going out for a regular date night and leave two children in a care of another that babysitter damn sure better come correct… and I think that’s all this commercial was trying to portray… Leave it alone people cus in the end the role is cast for 2 people who love their children very much… stop trying to make more of it…. 

  2. I’ve seen this ad and there

    I’ve seen this ad and there is no groping or kissing or anything to firmly fix these men as gay.  The far right is showing just how nuts and paranoid they can be.  Just a couple of adult parents with the wrong sitter.

  3. I’ve actually seen this ad

    I've actually seen this ad several times before I saw the postings about, I guess I must be thick or homo-normative because I didn't catch on to any other problem than please don't leave your children with this person..

  4. is it wrong for me to say you

    is it wrong for me to say you could take the commercial either way they could be a gay couple or they could be a couple thats just going out on a double date and leaving there kids at the same place with the same babysitter

  5. Lol, where did these guy gets

    Lol, where did these guy gets this babysitter? Think I'd be staying home with the kids rather than letting this alleged babysitter watch them. But then my wife and I are lesbian grandmas and watch our grandkids often, especially when our children are on vacation. Rather than complaining about the ad showing 2 gay dads, I'd be more concerned that the ad makes the two dads appear inept at picking a sitter. Anybody that goes through the hoops they would have had to jump through to have children would not be complacent in picking a babysitter.

  6. Go away, Porno Pete. We all

    Go away, Porno Pete. We all know you are a closet case and probably masturbated while watching the commercial. Hypocrite.

  7. For more than 20 years “Porno

    For more than 20 years "Porno Pete" LaBarbera has tried to prove to the world that homosexuals are perverse and horrifying by collecting and personally inspecting every piece of gay pornography he can find. An ex-ex-gay ex-employee reported his office was piled floor to ceiling with file cabinets, books and magazines of porn pics. And that was before digital storage. He has also been spotted at leather conferences taking his own photos to prove that hot men in assless chaps are terrible, too. 

  8. if all these christians, so

    if all these christians, so called, spent more time giving their time to charity and helping others instead of hating like they should be, the world would be better. instead all you do is hate and hide behind posts. 

  9. Thank you AT&T. I think that

    Thank you AT&T.I think that the people calling themselves "Christian" are just looking for a hate outlet and have unfortunately sought anything inclusive as something to complain about. Please ignore their #christianhatred


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