Conservative Mexican State Puebla Legalized Gay Marriage

Photo by Emir Saldierna on Unsplash

Congratulations to the gay citizens of Puebla.

According to the Yucatan Times, the Mexican state of Puebla has just legalized gay marriage. The state Congress approved an update to the state’s Civil Code, which will now recognize same-sex marriage. Now, 20 out of 32 Mexican states have legalized same-sex marriage. On top of that, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SJCN) already declared in 2015 that state civil codes denying same-sex marriages were unconstitutional. Though to this day, many Mexican states have continued to prevent gay marriage.


For Puebla, this announcement and change is surprising due to the state’s deeply rooted Catholic faith and conservative society. That is what has led to the rise of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN) within the region. Though the leftist morena party is currently in power within the state, and they are the party that passed this change.

According to the Thomas Reuters Foundation, this announcement from Puebla has been an exciting change for LGBTQ advocates. Though, they warn that Mexico has seen increasing anti-LGBTQ discrimination and violence in this year, especially for transgender women. Though with the country currently being led by leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s National Regeneration Movement (Morena), perhaps the country will fight for its LGBTQ citizens. Though, the president and morena tend to be fairly moderate and try not to alienate conservative voters, so progress is happening. But, it won’t happen fast.

Source: The Yucatan Times, Reuters,

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