Conservative Minister Claims God Killed Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Let Trump Pick New Judge

Robert Henderson -Instagram / Ruth Bader Ginsburg – SCOTUS photo

Just when you thought Trump’s associates could stoop no further than we’ve already witnessed over the past four years, Robert Henderson – a pro-Trump conservative preacher from Texas, has outdone himself. According to Right Wing Watch, the frosty-haired Henderson took credit for the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, telling his congregation that he prayed for a “resolution” and it supposedly came in the form of death.

A lunatic in his lair, Robert Henderson. / Screen grab Youtube.

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic, a “preacher” making such a vile comment about a fellow human being or Henderson’s delusion that he could wield such power to pray Ginsburg into an early grave.

Not that such a notion should even be validated with a response, but to begin with, Ginsburg’s grave wasn’t “early.” She lived a full, long life of celebrated milestones and historic accomplishments that positively impacted women’s rights and civil liberties for everyone. In recent years she had been battling pancreatic cancer and was hospitalized a few times. Though she would impressively recover after each incident, she ultimately lost her fight with the illness last week at the age of 87.

It is not unfathomable that a person battling cancer, at nearly 90 years old, might not survive if their illness progresses. However, despicable Pastor Henderson rejects naturals causes and instead told evangelicals that God wanted Ginsburg removed from the justice system for being too much of a “lion spirit” – whatever that is. He also alleges that Ginsburg’s pro-choice position on abortion prompted God to take her so that there is one less liberal on the Supreme Court, and Trump can replace her with a conservative judge.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, Henderson met with evangelicals in Washington D.C. and told them, 


‘Look, we need to go into the courts of Heaven right now while we’re on-site in D.C., and we need to shut the mouth of the lion, judicially. We need to ask for a judgment against the lion that has actually been devouring and intends to devour from the Supreme Court. We need to get a judgment against this lion that Paul said God shut the mouth of.’ So, I led us into that place. Well, guess what? Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. President Trump will establish a new Supreme Court justice. That’s no accident.”

He then went on a psycho rant about bloody alters and demons,

“You need to understand that if we don’t shut down this abortion issue, that blood altar will invite demonic powers into this nation,” Henderson rallied”


This is yet another example of Trump surrounding himself with religious charlatans like his spiritual advisor, Pastor Paula White. She pounced on the pandemic panic a few months back and began soliciting viewers to send her money during a Facebook Live stream. In recent months, we’ve seen Trump endorser Jerry Fallwell Jr. fall from grace, embroiled along with his wife Beckie in a lurid sex scandal.  

And who could forget just a couple of months ago, Trump’s newly appointed COVID-19 crackpot, Houston-based doctor, Stella Immanuel, pushed theories of hypersexualized demons and alien DNA as the origins of America’s current health crises. 

But, back to Henderson, though. He is similar to all the evangelicals who claim that God’s wrath is a projected punishment for anyone who disagrees with their ideology. After every hurricane, you can be sure there will be a religious Trump nut claiming God sent that storm “because of the gays.”

Well, according to Pastor Henderson, he took his death request to the “Court of Heaven” and asked for a resolve to the abortion debate in the Supreme Court. He clarifies that he did not mention Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name directly in his prayer but that rings disingenuous if he is now claiming that it was his call to the heavenly court that brought on her demise.,

It’s all so ridiculous and people like Henderson are anything but Godly.  Still, he’d have us believe that in addition to sending Tsunami’s to Japan and Earthquakes to Haiti to punish humans for gay marriage, killing supreme court justices has now also been added to God’s to-do-list.

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