Corey Feldman Leaves Wendy Williams Speechless

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Feldman Discusses His Explosive Documentary And Promises He’s Revealing A Hollywood Icon As A Pedophile

It’s almost time for the worst to be unraveled of Hollywood’s rumored “pedophile ring”. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the disgusting acts done by older men to young boys in Hollywood. If you’re up to date on your Hollywood gossip, you’ll know there was a documentary about disgraced X-Men and Bohemian Rhapsody film director, Bryan Singer, called An Open Secret detailing the heinous, alleged acts at the hands of him and other Hollywood Elite. Now, former child actor, Corey Feldman, is releasing a self-funded documentary, The Rape of Two Coreys, and will make severe allegations against Hollywood’s alleged pedophiles and he is promising to blow everyone’s minds to the point where Hollywood could potentially be changed forever. Feldman has spoke on The Dr. Oz Show and now takes his journey to the bold Wendy Williams. This is his second, and probably last, appearance discussing his documentary on daytime television before the premiere on March 9th – as we all know he once tried to speak about Hollywood pedophilia on The View but was immediately called a liar by Barbara Walters – you can see that clip here. When he speaks to Williams – the Queen of Hot Topic Gossip is left silent for probably the first time in her career.


Feldman and Williams reunite for the first time after seven years. Immediately, they get down to business. Feldman promotes and unifies himself with the men and women of #MeToo, but is determined to make #KidsToo the next era of justice. He believes children have been getting molested in Hollywood since before the industry filmed in color, citing Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney as victims. Williams boasts of her security force at her show and tells that they doubled security for their interview. Why? Feldman has been receiving death threats, has been stabbed, was almost ran over by a truck due to his documentary. He fears for his life. Feldman tells:

“Evil protects itself at no cost. They will go to endless lengths to promote themselves and the powerful. We’re here to say enough is enough – we have to bring the truth to the surface. It’s why I’ve spent my own money and I’m at risk of losing everything, including my life. All I care about is people have a chance to watch this film and decide for themselves what the truth is.”

The former Goonies star goes on to state that he shares his own experience, his late-best friend Corey Haim’s, as well as other alleged victims of Hollywood molestation including Ricky Garcia, a former child actor and musician who reported being molested by men in Hollywood, including Singer’s known-buddy, Tyler Grasham, last year. Feldman promises to name-names and implode the industry – especially one mega famous icon who is known globally. He states:

“I’m saying every name that affected [my life and Haim’s life], and we also have other victims talking about their experiences. But, the one main name that everyone is waiting to hear – like Dr. Oz said, is startling to hear out loud. It’s a name on the planet that everyone knows. His amenity has been kept all of these years because he’s threatened – people are scared of him. Just like Harvey Weinstein, people are scared of saying his name because of what could happen.”


Now two things: Make sure you check out Feldman’s full interview with Williams below – and don’t forget to head over to Feldman’s website to purchase your twenty-dollar digital film ticket here so you can watch with the world on Monday, March 9th at 8PM PST. Consider our eyes glued and our ears open!

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