Could A Dolly Parton Dance Album Finally Happen In 2021?

There is not typically a package of music that Dolly Parton could release that her fans would not immediately snatch up, declaring it “the best she has ever done”. This holiday season, Parton must know that we desperately need a dose of Dolly, and is giving us several. Not only is she starring in Netflix’s Christmas On The Square, but she has released the tome Storyteller: My Life In Lyrics where she details some of our favorite lyrics from some of her biggest songs. When she’s not providing incredible entertainment, Parton also has had a hand in funding the COVID-19 vaccine, donating one million dollars to the vaccine development. Now it looks like Parton has put a dose of hope in our stockings for some…new music in 2021?¬†


During a recent conversation with PrideSource, Parton was asked directly about the elusive dance song “Just A Wee Bit Gay” that remains unreleased. Parton did acknowledge she would be recording a song with Leslie Jordan (who according to Parton is releasing some music of his own.) Could the long-awaited dance album fans have been clamoring for from Parton possibly arrive in 2021?-Parton said simply “I am gonna do that”. She went on to say “I have a lot of great songs. My gay following, they love my attitude and my songs, and I am really wanting to do a lot of faith based or uplifting and inspirational-type things. I might incorporate some of that into a dance album where everyone can get out and dance and rejoice. I am still hoping to do that dance album one of these days”


This is of course not Dolly Parton’s first foray into the “arena” (pardon the pun) of dance music. Many recall that in 1996, Parton hit the Billboard US Dance Chart with remake of Cat Stevens’ protest-era anthem “Peace Train”. The track became a gay nightlife anthem with a remix by the indomitable Junior Vasquez, where you could hear the track weekly at Vasquez’s legendary Arena parties. The video was never formally released, but the Christopher Ciccone (brother of Madonna) directed video has been circulating online for years. Here’s hoping a 2021 remix of this dance floor staple is included on Parton’s dance album.¬†

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