Could The New Year Bring A Madonna/Lil Nas X Collaboration?

Whether it’s on stage or in the recording studio, Madonna has always had a keen eye for noting the hottest artists of the moment and collaborating with them. From artists like Nicki Minaj and Maluma to remixers like Honey Dijon and Tracy Young, Ms. Ciccone is able to see both the talent and the hunger from certain artists at a certain point in their career, and the collaboration almost always creates some pretty fantastic musical magic. It looks like Madonna has now put that magic touch on Lil Nas X. 

Page Six reports that during her recent Los Angeles concert at The Wiltern, Madonna laser focused on the “Old Town Road” crooner and took a seat next to him. After some banter, Madge quizzed him on where he was from and sipped his beer. “If I drink this, I’ll be getting some of your backwash,” she stated somewhat inquisitively. “Kinda sharp, your backwash. Might cut my tongue,” she said. Nas promptly responded “It’s all good. No harm done. I’m in the presence of a legend, I’m just happy to be here”.

The video below shows the pop icon & the artist of the moment bantering easily, where Madonna invites Nas to ride horses at her home, and even has them dueting on a quick line from Nas’s smash hit “Old Town Road”. Watch the entire interaction below: 

Art Courtesy of Madonna Instagram


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