Could The Song Of The Summer Be From An LGBT Performer? Here’s Two Artists To Watch.

I do love me a good earworm.  You know, a song that gets in your head, stays there, and if you’re lucky, you don’t mind one bit. Having that great earworm song in your head could keep you happy all day long. Unfortunately, it’s usually an annoying songs that becomes lodged into your brain.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good song stuck in my melon.  Maybe soon it will be the song of the summer that will cure my drought.  Could that song be from an LGBT artist?  Let’s look at two artists that have recently popped up on our monitors and our playlist. Maybe one of them will supply us with that song.

The first artist is Kuba Jasiecki from Stockholm, Sweden. We were able to find out a little more about him and his song FUNXTER.

While writing and composing it I wanted to channel my passion for and fascination by the magical world of 80’s pop and at the same time combine it with the full and round sound of Scandinavian productions, so out came this rather laid back funky number. We aimed at modernity with a touch of retro electro.

In the video you see me in two incarnations: one as a campy clubber and the other one as an office clerk with a cheeky glittery bow tie surrounded by friends and dancing all our pains away.

FUNXTER is about inclusivity and openness for others, acknowledging that we are all different and can enjoy and learn from each other. In Sweden we have a saying “Alla är olika, olika är bra” meaning “everyone is different, different is ok” and that is the message of the song.
It’s also about appreciating being who you are and not taking everything too seriously.



Who doesn’t like a little ’80s pop re-imagined. Let’s see if it worked.



I found myself listening to FUNXTER more than twice. A positive song as an earworm?  Sign me up!  Best of luck Kuba.  We cannot wait to see more!

The second artist is one we actually met last year August when we posted “Live out Loud” – Debut Single By J. Tyler Released. Based in Atlanta, J Tyler was already a well-known performer and award winning entertainer in South Eastern United States, but with this EP release, he is sure to turn heads elsewhere.  We’ve been anticipating his new work and we were not disappointed.

When we reached out to him about his EP Prelude, one of the first things J Tyler mentioned was that he feels he has grown so much as an artist and as a person over the last year since his single and with all the work he has put into the EP.

Watching J Tyler’s first visual release from his EP Prelude called “Blasphemy,” it led me to ask if the whole EP was rap.  “My album is very open genre. Not very pop, but not very rap. It’s a balance,” he said.

I quickly went over to Spotify and loaded up the EP and started to gobble down his other 5 productions as we chatted via Facebook Messenger. I interrupted him and said, “‘Why?’ is very radio worthy!”  Not knowing if that was even a real phrase or even an insult, I was reassured it was a good thing when J Tyler sent over heart emojis and thanks on Messenger. 

That’s why I think a lot of people will be able to listen to this EP more is because of it’s flexibility and play with both genres.  It’s not just one genre.  There’s something for everybody on the EP, even though there are 6 songs.  Yeah, “Blasphemy” is very rap vibe, but like you said, “Why?” is very radio worthy.

Chewing through his songs, I said others were exceptional offerings and asked about his “Dance with Me” … “is it a little reggae?”  His response was that it was very Summery and laid back.  “It will make you move,” he added. We totally agree!

Since J Tyler is a gay man, I asked if there were any of the 6 that were more LGBT based or influenced.

Not really specifcally LGBT.  I mean, I have a love song called “Paradise Baby” which is definitely about a guy. That’s as far as LGBT as it gets.

In my head, I kept saying to myself that these are just as good, if not better than some of the songs we are hearing on the radio. Could one of these be the song of the summer if given the correct amount of air play? Could we have an LGBTer singing the song of the summer?

I’ll stress to you to go over to one of the links at the end of this post to listen to the other songs on J Tyler’s EP Prelude.  I prefer the Spotify one since you can listen to the complete songs and not bits and pieces.

But why was the EP called Prelude? There was no song on it called Prelude.

I titled it Prelude because it’s a classical music reference for “the beginning.”

Also rap nowadays doesn’t really get credit for being music anymore with everybody mumbling all the time.

I’m a huge fan of his “Dance with Me” track, but J Tyler thinks that “Why?” is his favorite.  He says that it’s the most emotional and sentimental to him because he’s not usually a vulnerable person. “‘Why?’ shows more of that side of me.”

Am I a rap fan? I dabble. I do enjoy J Tyler’s first visual release from the EP Prelude called “Blasphemy.” Lets see what you think.


What were your thoughts?

One of my favorite resources to find new LGBT music is tuning into the blogspot called Gay Music Chart.  You can subscribe to the Youtube channel GayMusicChart in order to be notified of its weekly post of the TOP 50 Gay Music Songs.  Each video gives you a splatter of honorable mentions before they get into the TOP 50 countdown.  One of our favorite LGBT performers Todrick Hall was on there twice this week.  After the entire 50 are shared, GayMusicChart rattles off new artists that will most likely be making their way onto the weekly list in the future.  And look who they gave a nod to.

So if you’re looking for more than our two performers, one from Stockholm, Sweden and one from Atlanta, Georgia, we will leave you with this, the most recent GayMusicChart TOP 50 video list. Maybe it will give you that earworm/hit you’ve been waiting for.






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