Could We Be One Step Closer To Dolly Parton’s Much Talked About Dance Music Album?

As we prepare for Dolly Parton’s new Netflix series Heartstrings & we continue to hit dance floors to her new single with Galantis “Faith” (featuring Mr. Probz), the one thing we keep hoping for is the much sought after dance music album that Parton has been promising fans for quite some time now. 

During a recent interview with NewNowNext, Parton revealed that her collaboration with Galantis, may have inspired her to release some more dance music sooner than later. “It’s really uplifting with a dance beat, and I just loved the idea that people were going to be out there dancing, praising God,” Dolly said about her work with Galantis. She went on to say “I have a song ’Dance With My Darling,’ so I may at some point put that out. Because I had a song written years ago, ’Just a Wee Bit Gay,’ and it’s really uplifting and fun. So this might be the time I do a whole dance record.”

Of course, many dance music enthusiasts recall Dolly Parton’s legendary turn on the dance floor in the mid 90’s courtesy of her remake of Cat Stevens’ legendary early 70’s track “Peace Train”, which was featured on her album Treasures, which nightlife legend and DJ/Remixer/Producer Junior Vasquez reworked into an Arena era anthem, which to this day still packs the dance floor whenever it’s played. 

Here’s the full interview where Dolly speaks about her new show Heartstrings, her absolute love for RuPaul’s Drag Race, and well as her more “uplifting’ dance project that remains in the vault-for now 

Photo Credits Courtesy Of The Queen Latifah Show/Dolly Parton (Facebook)

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