Could You / Would You Contact Past Sexual Partners if a Health Issue Arose?

With all the good television shows off for the summer, it's time to find something new to binge watch on Netflix.

If someone made a television show about you needing to contact all of your sexual partners since your last "clean" health screening, how many episodes long would it be? 

Channel 4 of the UK had just that premise for a new show in 2014 called Scrotal Recall

The storyline of Scrotal Recall follows Dylan (Johnny Flynn), a young man diagnosed with chlamydia. After his diagnosis, Dylan decides to backtrace his love life and to speak with every sexual partner he has ever had. You can probably guess that most of these encounters are not always graceful or anything short of painfully awkward. Other characters on Scrotal Recall include Dylan’s womanizing best friend Luke (Daniel Ings), and their artsy roommate, Evie (Antonia Thomas), for whom Dylan is head over heels. The comedy series also stars Joshua McGuire as Angus, Aimee Parkes as Helen, Hannah Britland as Abigail, Jessica Ellerby as Jane and Richard Thomson as Mal. Like most of series on UK’s Channel 4, Scrotal Recall is a smart, racy, and brutally honest show about how difficult it is to be a teenager and twenty-something looking for love. –

Needless to say I gobbled up all six episodes in one sitting.  No, it's not a gay series, but it does raise a couple of great questions that I think everyone needs to answer for themselves.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale, I thought the opportunity for "interaction" would be there and yes, it's true.  Most guys I chat with state if you want sex, you can find it any time of day, every day of the week in this town and yes, that is true.  I guess in my case I'm looking to date more than to just "interact" and a quick release.  But what about those that are "on the pull" 24/7 and are meeting up with everyone and anything?  How do they keep track of all of the hook ups?  How do they respond when they catch something and need to inform others of their new medical condition?

And maybe the other big issue is do you contact your previous hook ups if you test positive for anything?  It's a question of morals.  You're going to have to deal with the positive results and that is a handful enough, but to pass the bad news on to others no matter what the disease … 

In Scrotal Recall, Dylan decides to meet up with all of his past sexual conquests in person, as opposed to sending a tweet, text, or doing it quickly over the phone.  I'm not sure how I would handle it.  I guess it may depend on how you contacted the person in the first place, if you had a phone number, or even remember which app you used to make that rendez vous occur.

Luckily, Thankfully, I'm in the clear health wise and in the past two years of living in sunny Fort Lauderdale I am still counting on one hand my sexual partners and phone numbers are in my contacts list. 

So how many episodes would your personal Scrotal Recall be?

And if needed be, could you contact everyone you've hooked up with since your previous "in the clear" test results?

And do you contact the boys from the past if something comes up or does it depend on the severity?  Crabs? Chlamydia? Syphilis? HIV?


What do you think?