Could Your Parents Guess Who You’ve Slept With?


How much should a parent know about their child’s sex life? And how much would that child want them to know? Would you want your parents to be familiar with your “body count?” Or, would you like it to stay in the dark?

These are questions one West coast family had to ask themselves while appearing on the latest video for YouTube Channel Cut. Cut is an internet entertainment company that creates videos in a Buzzfeed/Jubilee-like fashion. The company’s YouTube channel explains itself as being “for everyone.” But how does it serve, entertain, and reflect everyone? Through a series of games like Fear PongTruth or DrinkLineUp, and more.


In their latest LineUp video, a man named Reese brings his parents to the Cut set for what could only be described as good and wholesome family fun. Or… maybe not.

Reese stands to the side, and poses/hugs with folks, as his parents guess who in the line of men behind them has had sex with their son. As cringeworthy as you think this video would be, it was. But, it was also fun and a little endearing. But don’t just take our word for it, watch the full video down below.

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