Country Artist Chris Housman Drops Impressive Debut Album ‘Blueneck’

Country music artist Chris Housman (photo: Ford Fairchild)
Country music artist Chris Housman (photo: Ford Fairchild)

Out country music hottie Chris Housman recently released his oh-so-impressive debut album, Blueneck. The collection blends his full-throated country vocals with songs that reflect his personal journey to here.

The new album includes some tracks released by the Kansas native over the past couple of years (“Guilty As Sin,” “Drag Queen,” “Nobody”), plus new tracks that chronicle life and romance through his personal country perspective.


Country music artist Chris Housman featured in Billboard Magazine.

Throughout it all, Housman’s grounded, earthy vocals move with equal ease from tender exploration to soaring country wail.

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The title track, “Blueneck,” was originally released in 2021 hitting #1 on the iTunes Country Music chart and got the attention of Good Morning America and Rolling Stone. It has since garnered over 2 million listens on Spotify alone—and for good reason.

Not only is the tune totally infectious, but Housman is a talented wordsmith who knows where he’s going when he says, “I think y’all means all.”

I’m a good ole boy with a bleeding heart
Just a homegrown hick with a hybrid car
I think y’all means all and I know we all
Just wanna know that we belong
There’s a lot more color in the mix
When you’re loud and proud out in the sticks
I am what I am, you get what you get
Yeah, I guess I’m a red state Blueneck


“It’s really just a collection of my life’s work up to this point,” Housman shared with PEOPLE Magazine. “In a way, I’ve been working on [this album] since I picked up the fiddle when I was 7 years old. I think it encapsulates my personality, too. It’s a feel-good album.”

With a nod to his more topical material (the previously mentioned “Blueneck” and “Guilty As Sin,” plus “Bible Belt” – an ode to healing from religious trauma), Housman says, “I wanted this album to be a combination of the stuff that I grew up listening to and the stuff I wish I grew up listening to.”


All in all, Blueneck is an affecting and arresting debut album. Pull it up on your favorite music platform now and listen from beginning to end. You’ll enjoy.

If you’re in the area, he’ll be performing at the “Concert for Love & Acceptance” in Nashville on June 5 alongside Ty Herndon, Sam Williams and more. The event benefits Ty Herndon’s Foundation for Love and Acceptance and GLAAD. You can follow the handsome Housman on Instagram here.

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  1. Just heard him at Ty Herndon’s Love and Acceptance concert. He was amazing! Love his music. A new favorite to add to summer playlist!


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