Country Crooner Recalls The Romance Of Autumn

The latest single from country star Hayden Joseph recalls the romantic possibilities of Autumn
Hayden Joseph (promo photo)

As a follow-up to his viral summertime hit, “Backwood Bougie,” out country artist Hayden Joseph is “fallin” in love in Autumn via his romantic new single, “Fallin.”

While there are lots of songs about steamy summer flings, Joseph and his collaborators noticed that fall romance can bring the heat as well. In a teaser video posted to his YouTube channel, Joseph rightfully notes that “Fall deserves a love song, too.”


Joseph’s effortless vocals are warm and sure as the nostalgic lyrics recall a late night drive after a weekend getaway that quickly turned into more.

Leaves fallin’ to the beat of an autumn breeze
And cheap coffee to keep us both from falling asleep
“Red” on my speakers, Blue in your eyes, 
White lies in my head trying hard to deny
All along it was me
It wasn’t just the leaves…Fallin’

Hit the play button on the full lyric video:


Joseph shares that “Fallin” takes a more intimate, personal narrative approach than his earlier releases. 

“Country music is known for its storytelling,” Joseph said in a recent interview. “But I felt my recent singles haven’t fully showcased my abilities as a ‘storyteller.’ This track absolutely does, while being lyrically / sonically very different from my other singles. I’m really proud of that.”

Joseph also showed his humorous side in a video post on Instagram where he plays the song for his boyfriend – the guy the song was inspired by…? But the beau doesn’t seem to recall the same details.


Joseph continues to score with a comfortable sound that blends modern country with touches of mainstream pop that lands in a sonic sweet spot.

You can find Instinct Magazine’s past coverage of Joseph’s music here.


“Fallin” is now available on all streaming/download sites, and you can follow the country crooner on Instagram here.


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