Country Hottie Celebrates Flip-Flops, Farmer Tans & Backyard BBQs

Country music artist Hayden Joseph (screen capture via YouTube)

Out country music artist Hayden Joseph celebrates flip-flops, farmer tans, Shock Top and backyard BBQs with his laid-back summer bop, “Backwoods Bougie.

Stick a White Claw in a Yeti koozie
Ain’t no shame in being backwoods bougie
Rockin’ knock-off Ray-Bans cause we ain’t got Guccis
It ain’t fancy, it’s just backwoods bougie


“Honestly, the inspiration for this song is simple,” Hayden recently told HollywoodLife. “I grew up in the south, having fun on the water and never requiring anything fancy for a good time.”

But when he moved to the city, Hayden found “people there act like you need to spend a ton of money or feel like you’re attending ‘exclusive’ events to have fun. Anyone who grew up outside of a major metro knows that’s all BS — there’s nothing wrong with being ‘Backwoods Bougie.’”


“This is by far the most light-hearted song in my catalog,” the 27-year-old adds. “Most of my songs have deep, personal lyrics. This one is just meant to lean into country cliches and be clever and-or fun.”

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The South Carolina native also shares that he and his co-writer chose “White Claw” instead of “beer” in the lyrics for a reason.


“We wanted a summer party song, but we wanted it to be something relatable to us — two gay men who don’t love beer. Shockingly – kidding! — that seems to have ruffled die-hard country feathers.”

“Backwoods Bougie” is available now on all major digital platforms.

5 thoughts on “Country Hottie Celebrates Flip-Flops, Farmer Tans & Backyard BBQs”

  1. He’s pretty but that song is boring. He’s hanging around the wrong people in cities if he thinks that we need a lot of money to have fun.

  2. ‘Gay boys’ is an extremely common and playful way that gay men use to identify themselves and other men in the community. It is not a slur or derogatory.


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