Country Singer Colin Stough Just Did Robyn Proud!

Photo Credit: @ColinStough on American Idol

Is there any chance you’ll listen to gay club anthem ‘Dancing on My Own‘ without thinking of Raven and Jujubee’s iconic lip sync during season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. How about the sultry cover from Britain’s Got Talent breakaway star Calum Scott. Or, really, the original masterpiece from the songstress herself Robyn. Well, if you’re a fan of country music, then this new take on the old classic is sure to stick out in your memory.


American Idol, now in its 21st season, is a far cry from the juggernaut it was in the early and late 2000s. It’s failed to launch a star since Phillip Phillips in 2012, so the most contestants can hope for is to gain enough of a fan base to earn a living through independent music releases. What’s great for the 5,000,000 live viewers still watching the program is the show has evolved over the years. It’s far from the hokey karaoke contest it once was. Contestants are able to play instruments, sing original songs and interpret other singers’ hits to their vision.

That brings us to 18-year-old Mississippi native Colin Stough. The country singer/songwriter and former HVAC technician just earned his spot in the coveted Top 12 on this season of American Idol. Many fans will remember his audition, but his latest take on ‘Dancing on My Own’ is sure to win him a new audience. It surely rewarded him with a standing ovation from judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Hey, I enjoyed it! 


If you’re digging his voice, Colin released an original single, ‘Bad Day,’ on Spotify earlier this month.

Will the extremely talented singer make it into the Top 10? We’ll find out next week! In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on this cover of ‘Dancing on My Own.’ Where does it stand in the hierarchy? 

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