Couple Goes Viral For Kissing By Anti-Gay Protesters

Image via Facebook

A gay UK couple is receiving praise for kissing in front of a protest outside a production of The Rocky Horror Show.

When 24-year-old Joe Fergus from Flintshire and 21-year-old Robert Brookes from Nottingham planned to visit Chester’s Storyhouse theatre, they didn’t realize they’d end up becoming minor internet celebrities.


Upon nearing the building to watch The Rocky Horror Show, the couple was met with anti-gay protesters holding up signs like “Flee from the watch to come,” and “Be sure your sin will find you out,” according to the Independent.

To counteract these protesters, the couple started kissing across the street. This then caused an explosion of cheers and applause from other hopeful theatre-goers and passerby.

Someone was kind enough to take a picture of the moment. The two then decided to post it to social media with the caption, “When haters be hating, the best thing to do is spread the love.”


Fergus explained further on Facebook why the couple chose to kiss.

“Lots of people were arguing with them, but honestly believe the best way to respond is with love,” he said.

As for the Storyhouse theatre, the establishment later tweeted out that it will always support LGBTQ people, equality, and love for all.

“Storyhouse is and always will be a safe space. We celebrate and support LGBTQ+ communities – always. Let’s have a FABULOUS night & week.”

Sources: The Independent

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