Couple Wearing Swastika Face Coverings Get Confronted By Shoppers

Raphaela Muller Facebook Video Screen grab

For the life of me, I will never understand how Americans tolerate any supporters of the Nazis and the Confederacy. Both groups were antithetical to the basic decency of which all humans should be allowed, but on a more simplistic overview, we fought wars over this – and both those groups lost. They lost big. 

The Nazis and the Confederacy are synonymously, and forever aligned in history as suffering two of the most humiliating defeats ever in battle. There was and is nothing to revere about either of these two entities.


Why is it then that white supremacists, white nationalists, or in this case – a white couple in Minnesota, would want to parade around flaunting the Swastika symbol? They might as well tattoo “L” for loser on their foreheads too while they’re at it.

In case you missed it, this past Saturday afternoon, two Walmart shoppers set out to protest the Marshall, Minn., store’s mask policy. The mask mandate went into effect this weekend and the couple complied, however, the masks they chose to wear had swastikas on them.

Appalled shoppers began to confront the couple and call them out for the disgusting display. Shopper, Raphaela Mueller, filmed the incident and the growing confrontation with the crowd. The video went viral after she posted it to Facebook.


Hats off to Walmart, who called the police on the couple, but not before the woman with the swastika mask declared to the crowd,

“If you vote for Biden, you’re going to be living in Nazi Germany!”

Other than that being utterly ridiculous, the fact remains, it’s the Trump administration engaging in practices that have drawn comparisons to the Nazis.

For example, Trump suggested making Muslims register with a number to then be filed in a system. That immediately brings to mind the ID numbers tattooed into the skin of those in captivity of the Nazis. Then there was Trump’s reckless separation of babies and children from their parents at the border, reminiscent of how children were taken from their parents at concentration camps never to see their parents again. That too was a normal practice of slave traders who bought and sold babies as a commodity. There’s more Nazi-esque Trump treachery, but I think you get the point.


It is really pathetic to see any American or anyone, who wants to so desperately be associated with the biggest losers in history. And yet, here are two more of those pathetic people, and with their ignorance proudly on full display.

The StarTribune reports,

“Per the store’s request, law enforcement served trespass notices to the 59-year-old man and 64-year-old woman, warning them that if they will face arrest should they return. The two departed without incident, and charges were not pursued.”

Let’s just hope other stores in America also follow suit in dealing with this foolishness. After this country joined the fight in WW2 and sacrificed to defeat the Nazis, it should be made illegal for anyone in America to ever display the swastika or the confederate flag for that matter. These acts alone, should be deemed unAmerican and punishable. 

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