COVID-Free Taiwan Held A Pride Parade

Screenshot via YouTube @Lukas Engström

What a beautiful sight in Taiwan!

In these chaotic times, it’s nice to get a glimpse at great fun happening elsewhere in the world. And the event in our hearts and minds was Taiwan’s LGBT Pride event. The event happened on Saturday, October 31, on the streets of Taipei. Around 130,000 people gathered to march, dance, visit a Rainbow Market of 100 LGBTQ-owned or supportive businesses/organizations, and celebrate enough Pride for the rest of the world! After all, most of the world’s other countries have gone without Pride events this year.

And if you’re wondering how Taiwan managed to have a Pride event with over a hundred thousand participants, it’s because the coronavirus pandemic is virtually non-existent there. Taiwan has not had a reported diagnosis of COVID-19 since April, according to ABC News. And then, the country has had only 554 recorded cases and only seven deaths nationwide. Most of those cases, mind you, were from foreigners and tourists. Because of that, the island nation is effectively COVID-free.

With that in mind, this year’s parade was themed after a Chinese proverb saying, “to support and help others fulfill their cherished dreams.” Though, the phrase also means “adulthood beauty.” With this being one of the only Pride parades to happen physically this year and with this being Taiwan’s 18th Pride, the event surely stuck to its theme. We can’t help but feel our rainbow-stuffed hearts swell up when looking at these beautiful pictures!

Congratulations to Taiwan for a successful Pride! We wish we could have been there!

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