Creaters Of Gay Jesus Comedy Attacked By Molotov Cocktails

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The pushback to Netflix’s gay Jesus has now become violent.

Daily News reports that the headquarters of a Brazilian comedy group has been attacked with Molotov cocktails after their version of Jesus was met with intense controversy.

On December 3rd, Netflix released The First Temptation of Christ. The satirical Christmas special follows a 30th birthday party for Jesus, who is depicted as gay. While the special gained mass critical success, such as earning the International Emmy for Best Comedy Special, it also incited a petition to have the special pulled from Netflix. Nearly 2.5 million people signed the petition in protest.

Now, according to the group Porta dos Fundos, which created the special, their headquarters was bombed. Thankfully, no one was at the office during the attack. Police were able to go into the destroyed office, located in the Humaita neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, and collected fragments of what appear to be Molotov Cocktails. In addition, footage of the attack shows that three men are involved with the incident.

“In the early morning of December 24, on Christmas Eve, the headquarters of Porta dos Fundos was the victim of an attack,” wrote the comedy group in a Twitter statement. “Molotov cocktails were thrown at our building. We will move on, more united, strong, more inspired and confident that the country will survive this storm of hatred and love will prevail alongside freedom of speech.”

Brazil is one of the most dangerous places for LGBTQ people. In fact, it is the country with the most recorded incidents of anti-LGBTQ crimes and discrimination. On top of that, its very president is a “proud homophobe.”

As President Jai Bolsonaro stated earlier this year, he is happy to have suspended the funding of LGBTQ-themed films. He also branded Porta dos Fundos’ special as “garbage” on Twitter.

“We are sorry that this garbage got this far in Poland,” he wrote. “They do not represent Brazilian society and the reputation of this film is coming from various parts.”

Brazilian-born author Paulo Coelho tweeted a warning on Wednesday. Coelho said that if this action isn’t punished soon, it will set a dangerous and high profile precedent for anti-LGBTQ crime in the country.

“If the terrorists who attacked the Backdoor are not immediately punished, it will push the country into conflict of gigantic proportions,” Coelho wrote.

Source: Daily News, Daily Star

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