Crikey! The Youngest Irwin is All Grown Up!

Is it okay to have a crush on Robert Irwin and think he’s hot?

It’s a difficult question to ask, especially since many of us grew up watching the animal activist on various zoo-related television shows. Although the 18-year-old isn’t as popular as his Dancing with the Stars alumni sister, Bindi, he’s still amassed an incredible following on social media. So, of course he posts pictures whenever inspiration hits – resulting in the image below.


It goes without saying that Robert looks like the younger twin of his late father, iconic conservationist Steve Irwin. However, it appears that the young man is hitting the gym harder than his father ever did (the elder Irwin tragically passed away in 2006). Despite this quality, the resemblance is uncanny! And if Robert falls into the attractive category, does that mean we must place The Crocodile Hunter there as well?

Mr. Irwin Jr. is currently a zookeeper at the world-famous Australia Zoo. In between his own book series, his decorated career as a wildlife photographer, his numerous television appearances, and co-starring in Crikey: It’s the Irwins, Robert also serves as an ambassador for Scouts Australia. What an incredible resume at such a young age.


Speaking from experience, life is better with animals! And maybe it is Robert’s love of animals that also adds to his attraction factor 10-fold. 

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