Cristiano Ronaldo Juggles Soccer Ball In His Undies / Promotes GQ Body Issue



Gay or not, the world seems to be thirsty for soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.  In his most recent attempt to promote himself as well as his underwear brand, CR7 underwear, we get to see him bounce balls off his chest, his face, and the back of his neck.   There are many soccer players out there that can do this, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't watch him do it, too.

The video entitled "Watch Human Statue Cristiano Ronaldo Juggle A Soccer Ball In His Underwear" was shot by GQ and most likely released to help promote the magazine's February Body Issue.



In the second video "Let Alessandra Ambrosio Take You Behind The Scenes Of GQ's Body Issue Cover Shoot."  we get to see some candid shots of both model and soccer giant.  The video was shot last October and released by the Victoria's Secret Model at that time, but has been re-released just as the February GQ cover is being seen for the first time.




Thanks to for sharing this GQ video with us.

For more pictures of the GQ shoot and magazine pics, watch the video below. The narrator is kind of annoying so I shut the sound off.  The visuals are worth it.



Does Cristiano get too much attention?  

Is it well deserved?

Do you own a pair of his undies and if so, how are they?


4 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Juggles Soccer Ball In His Undies / Promotes GQ Body Issue”

  1. Hello Erick,

    Hello Erick,

    I wanted to know the song in the video, but going to YouTube , the scene , and GQ rendered no results. The GQ page actually said "No Credits Found" for the song, filming, anything! I didn't try Shazam. Maybe give that a go? Wish we could help!

    Adam @ instinct.

  2. Hi


    Can you tell me what are the title and the author of the music of the video entitled "Watch human statue Cristiano Ronaldo juggle a soccer ball in his underwear" shot by CQ? Thanks

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