Crop Tops For Men: A Throwback Thursday Item Or Are They Back Again?


Back in June of 2013 we reported Would You Wear It: Extreme Crop Tops For Men Coming Summer 2014.  Now those were a little higher than any Madonna wore in the '80s.  I do have a hard time remembering the '80s, but I do remember 2014 pretty well and I think these fashionable shoulder covers only appeared on strippers, go-go boys, or or those 'bumping' on the dance floor.

Some have reported since May of this year that crop tops on men were back.  Did you see any this year either?  Buzzfeed stated Dudes Are Wearing Crop Tops Again And Honestly That’s Dope.  Of course this follows their May story Men Really Need To Start Wearing Crop Tops ASAP.  I live in one of the more well known beach towns and I haven't seen this happening.  I think someone over at Buzzfeed loves a good midsection.

Teen Vogue had a hard time finding a recent man in a crop top to include in their 8 Guys Who Prove Men Look Great in Crop Tops, Too.  They had ancient Johnny Depp and Will Smith pics, but did find this one. 


A Tumblr page has been set up for crop tops on men.  Croptopsareforguys has seemed to have a pretty good set of pics, but were not sure if this is going to grow much more than its current size.


So is this a Throw Back Thursday item?  Or are the belly shirts here again?  What many say started as a way around the no shirts/ no entry rule at gyms in the '70s, flooded over into the football, track and field, and then disco clubs, the mid drift, belly, crop top shirts on men seem to be like that annoying pimple that you know is there but never breaks the surface. 

With Summer basically over and most of us needing to cover up more skin as the days into September increase, if these half shirts were here, they're most likely going back into the closet for another year, or decade.

What are your thoughts? 

Did they make a comeback?

Should belly shirts be a fashion must for next year?

Are they the cicada of the fashion world?  Making its presence known every 13 or 17 years, we bear it, and then the fad goes away?

Or should we try to leave them behind with the porn staches, cocaine, and roach clips of decades gone by?



photos from Croptopsareforguys, Teen Vogue,and

5 thoughts on “Crop Tops For Men: A Throwback Thursday Item Or Are They Back Again?”

  1. Can’t get any gayer? I find

    Can't get any gayer? I find that offensive because I am gay. You live in a world with let's just say…lots of gays. We are human just like you. You even have homosexuals fighting for our freedom. Get a life. If they want to wear crop tops let them. 

  2. I don’t think they make

    I don't think they make justice to the male figure but people have the right to wear whatever pleases them.

  3. Can’t get any GAYER than that

    Can't get any GAYER than that this now can it?!?!?! First it was the man bun….now this SHIT….you do you boo. SMFH


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