Cruz Insults U.S. Military While Sharing Homoerotic Russian Army Video

Senator Ted Cruz shared a Russian propaganda video with homoerotic images juxtaposed with clips from an official Army recruitment video. (Photo Credit: Screenshots of video from tweet on Ted Cruz Official Twitter Account)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz ruffled some feathers when he posted a Russian propaganda video comparing the Russian army to the United States military, to his Twitter account on Thursday.  The Senator included in the tweet, “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is the not the best idea”.  The video itself, on the Russian part, shows footage of well-defined Russian men in homoerotic undertones intercut with warlike images, and when the video cut to the portrayal of the U.S. military through a cartoon of Army Corporal Emma Malonelord and her journey in joining the United States Army.

The spliced video of Malonelord’s story was taken from a video on the Army’s official YouTube channel.  Her story was one of a five-part video series called “The Calling” created for recruitment purposes. After the video was uploaded to YouTube on May 4, it has received over a million views and unfortunately has over 76,000 dislikes. 

In a statement for Army Times, Laura DeFrancisco, public affairs chief for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office explained:

“Beginning May 12 we started noticing a significant uptick in negative commentary. The comments violated our social media policy and were not aligned with Army values. Out of respect for the safety and wellbeing of our soldiers and their families, we have disabled the comments.”

Meanwhile, people flocked to Cruz’s tweet to drag the senator for his words. Some called out the fact he never served in the military.

Others called out Cruz for sexism.


Some pointed out the homoeroticism in the Russian video.

Then there were those who called out Cruz for his hypocrisy.

The best burn came from MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who gave Cruz a new nickname: Kremlin Cruz.

Cruz later elaborated on the meaning of his previous tweet.

Yet there were those that didn’t buy into his explanation.

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Sources: Ted Cruz Official Twitter Account, Go Army Official YouTube Channel, Army Times, MSNBC Official YouTube Channel



3 thoughts on “Cruz Insults U.S. Military While Sharing Homoerotic Russian Army Video”

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  2. So Cancun Ted likes Russian Porn over American all Voluntary military? Makes perfect sense since he never volunteered to serve. This coming from a Vietnam Era vet who joined the US Navy on July 14, 1970 after graduating from high school. Cancun Ted is nothing but a Coward and a Hypocrite who go back to Cuba where he comes from!!!!


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