Cruz Shuts Down Homophobe In The Best Way. Again!

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Star Trek Discovery actor Wilson Cruz, once again, made it clear that if you come for him he will clap back. The incident in question happened on September 8th in Los Angeles celebrating the 55-year-old science franchise. The out actor stars as Dr. Hugh Culber on the Paramount+ series. His character is married to Paul Stamets, played by another out actor, Anthony Rapp. 

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According to Forbes

“Someone seated at the outdoor venue called the actor a homophobic word as he was walking out onto the stage. At least one fan claims that the person who said the anti-gay slur was a woman, and that someone seated next to this person got up and left in disgust, but that account has not been corroborated.”

Cruz, proving that just living our best lives, is the best way to respond sometimes, tweeted,

“I wonder if this was the moment on stage when I heard a ‘fan’ on Star Trek Day refer to me with a homophobic slur…  Still smiling, though. You’ll never kill my joy.”  



Support for Cruz came from far and wide and was heartening to see. Also online though, outrage aimed towards the venue and CBS for not ejecting the heckler. Unconfirmed reports from the venue describe an atmosphere where the producers of the show did not hear the comment, due to where they were sitting. Ever the gentlemen, Cruz took to Twitter again to urged his fans to “move beyond this trivial moment,” and to celebrate “Star Trek, its legacy, its ideals, its visionary creator.”




Cruz is ready to put this tiny blip of a moment behind him, once again taking to his Twitter,

“This moment is not worthy of all of the attention it’s getting. I regret saying anything at all, to be honest. I think the conversation and awareness that has been driven by this is enough I just would rather not talk about it, anymore. It’s taken away so much from what was a great event.”


This is not the first time Cruz won a Twitter war with a homophobe. In October 2019, Cruz clapped back when he was referred to as a “shitty actor on a shitty show.” Cruz tweeted – with receipts – images of the stellar reviews and the 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating. 

Check out some awesome replies to Cruz’s tweets! Happy weekend Instincters.




Sources: Out, Forbes

4 thoughts on “Cruz Shuts Down Homophobe In The Best Way. Again!”

  1. I’ve always loved wilson cruz. He was the 1st representation of a gay man I saw on tv in my so-called life. For someone who was raised in the backwoods of bum fuck. I needed that. Had it rough with the hillbillies & homophobes. It’s 2021. Let’s be adults. I’ll break it down & take it back to kindergarten. If u can’t say anything nice, shut the fuck up. Thanks! 😘

  2. Sorry, not a fan. His pretentious attitude is really a huge turn OFF. There is enough drama in the gayborhood and we don’t need him to turn it up anymore.

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