Crystal Meth Leads To Most HIV Infections

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Meth Is The Biggest Risk Factor Of HIV+ Seroconversion Among Gay Men In The United States

Unfortunately most of us are aware that gay and bisexual men suffer from a higher risk of addiction. We all have seen the rowdy gay parties in Fire Island that have still been held during a global pandemic, so perhaps we have a lot of maturing to do as a community as we continue to evolve. What’s not shocking is that we also know there aren’t a bunch of digital romances happening – people are still using their dating apps to hook up. While the country begins to open itself back up, one-year long study has showed us another type of partying is still being recklessly abused in the gay community.


According to AIDS Map, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes’ twelve-month study shows that crystal meth is the leading factor in HIV transmission between gay and bisexual men. Within the study, fourteen-percent of men who reported regular use of the drug became newly infected with HIV. It’s widely known meth lowers inhibitions and increases your ability to be fearless and impulsive. The majority of the almost five thousand participants were cisgendered, white men who are college educated, and not taking PrEP. Yikes!

Surprisingly, meth use is most common among gay men above any other group of persons. It’s plaguing the gay community – perhaps we should be focusing on this epidemic rather than trivial arguments with one another?

If you or someone you know is suffering from crystal meth addiction, please take the courage to contact the SAMHSA National Helpline at: +1800-662-4357.

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