Cult Classic ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ Remastered and Re-Released!

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Fans of classic gay cinema rejoice! The 2003 cult comedy classic “Girls Will Be Girls” is getting remastered and will be available on multiple streaming platforms June 1, thanks to Strand Releasing. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH one and all! 

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Drag legends Coco Peru (Clinton Leupp) and Varla Jean Merman (Jeffrey Robson) star in the raunchy comedic film written and directed by Richard Day. Also starring in the movie is actor Jack Plotnick, wig and all as the washed-up, jaded, alcoholic Evie.

The award-winning movie follows the trials and tribulations of three actresses, all at varying stages of their careers, trying to make it in Hollywood. Coco Peru plays the sad, lonely, doormat Coco while Varla Jean takes on the role of Varla, the wide-eyed ingenue soon-to-be-starlet.

The movie spawned a hit 2007 web series and a sequel was filmed, but due to a myriad of problems (editing, illness) will likely never make it onto a screen. 

Rotten Tomatoes reviewed the film and said, 


The laughs in Girls Will Be Girls are cheap laughs, but when you assemble this many of them in one place, they’re worth a lot. …an explosion of bad taste swallowed, and occasionally spit back out, over and over again, culminating in fashionable she/he cat fights by the pool.

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In a 2008 interview, Leupp said that the film began as a drag event he co-hosted with Plotnick and,

we were such a hit that everyone said we should do something else together. Out of that we created Girls Will Be Girls. We decided we needed that third person — the formula is Varla makes Evie crazy, Evie starts acting out and ends up hurting Coco. 



Its been almost 20 years since its release, so in case you forgot the hijinks and hysterics of these funny ladies check out the remastered trailer below. “Girls Will be Girls” will be available to stream June 1st. HALLELOO!



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