Would You Go To This Cups Party?

Images via Twitter & Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels.

Is this the hanky code revisited?

The image of colorful cups is making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. The photo shows a line of cups colored red, orange, yellow, green, dark green, blue, blue, and dark blue. In front of each pile of cups is a sign for a sexual position. The list of this includes dom top, top, vers top, vers, vers bottom, bottom, and sub bottom. Though, the sub bottom sign has sub crossed out and pwr written below to mean power bottom.


The implication is that, like a traffic light party, whatever cup in party goers’ hands will tell others information about them. That can help make approaching others and flirting with them a smoother process.

While the origin of the image is unknown, the image has started many conversations over social media. Many people have enjoyed sharing which cup color they’d use.



Though, not everyone’s so happy with the idea.





In the end, though, this cups meme brings back memories of the handkerchief code. The hanky code was a system of color-coded bandanas that non-verbally communicated sexual interests. When cruising at a gay bar or a similar location, wearing a colored handkerchief in your right or left back pants pocket also informed interested parties.


For instance, wearing a light blue handkerchief meant you were into oral sex. But, wearing it on the right side meant you liked to give oral sex while wearing it on the left meant you’d live to receive oral.

image via Queer Culture Collection – CC License)

But as gay sex and homosexuality have become legal and publicly accepted, the use of the hanky code has become obsolete. But maybe similar systems, like these cup parties, are rising again?

What do you think? Would you go to a cup party like the one in the viral picture? Or, would you rather leave that, and similar systems, in the past?

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