Cynthia Nixon Loses New York Gubernatorial Democratic Primary to Governor Andrew Cuomo

Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon fought a very good fight against current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for months leading up to the New York Gubernatorial Democratic Primary on Thursday night. Sadly, it wasn't enough for her to beat him as the current incumbent won by a very large margin.

Cynthia, who announced her candidacy four months ago and received support from thousands of fans and her Sex and the City costars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis, conceded just after 10:30 PM local time when Cuomo was ahead 2 votes to 1.

She sent out a thread of tweets following her defeat, one of which read as "while the result tonight wasn’t what we had hoped for, I’m not discouraged. I’m inspired.”

Cynthia also took focus on all the things that Cuomo suddenly shifted on ever since she spoke out against him over the past couple of months during the race. This included his stance on recreational marijuana, disbanding the group of breakaway corporate Democrats who handed the State Senate to the Republicans and how he's ultimately responsible for the endless subway issues going on in The Big Apple.

And she wasn't done just yet with how her claims of influence helped change Cuomo's views on his job:

SJP shared an Instagram post prior to Cynthia losing that showed her support for her former SATC buddy.

Ultimately, Cynthia remains hopeful for the future of the Democratic party and what's to come.




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  1. Excellent! Nixon is a silly,

    Excellent! Nixon is a silly, entitled, arrogant twit who has accomplished little in her life with the exception of being a second rate actress in shallow second rate productions. Hopefully we won’t have to see or hear from her again any time soon.


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