Cynthia Nixon, Michelle Visage & More Celebs React to Joe Biden’s Amazing Win

Vice President Joe Biden (screen capture)

Millions of people were crying tears of happiness and relief when it was announced that Joe Biden will been elected as the next President of the United States over incumbent Donald Trump.

He took an insurmountable lead in the state of Pennsylvania on Saturday, November 7, on the fifth day of election counting after Election Day. This allowed many organizations including CBS News and CNN to project that he will be our next POTUS. 

The Associated Press also reported that Biden took Nevada, a state that millions of people honed in on as its six electoral votes were enough to push him to the 270 needed to win the race. Now it sits 290 Biden, 214 Trump, with the jury still being out for North Carolina and Georgia on who will take each. 

Many LGBTQ celebrities and our supporters could not contain their excitement over Biden winning, not to mention Kamala Harris becoming our first female Vice President ever.

Stars like Cher, Cynthia Nixon and many more took to their social media accounts minutes after the news was announced with each expressing their happiness in their own unique way. The Sex and the City star screamed for joy in a profound yet hilarious manner.

Here’s a handful of other beloved celebs who were all smiles on November 7.

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