D.C. Pride Attendees Answer “What is the Biggest Threat to Gay Rights?”

Screen shot from Matt Miller’s YouTube Video, “What Is The Biggest Threat To Gay Rights?”

Matt Miller of the Daily Caller took to DC Pride this weekend and shared his findings when he asked Pride attendees “What is the biggest threat to gay rights?”

Many of the participants seemed to have some liquid or plant courage when answering the questions, but some were eloquent in their statements. 

The answers boiled down to: 

Straight People, White Straight People, White Power, Straight White Men

Republicans, Trump, The Trump Administration

The Police

Here’s Matt’s time at DC Pride. 

Matt did offer interviewees the comparison of Trump to Radical Islam and asked which one was more of a threat to gay rights.  All shown chose Trump as the larger of two evils.  

Of course this video survey was done with party participants that were thinking on the fly.  Now you as readers and seeing other people’s responses, what is your answer?

“What is the Biggest Threat to Gay Rights?”

Source:  Dailycaller.com

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  1. Walking around exposing your bare breast has absolutely nothing to do with seeking respect and equality being homosexual.


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