DaBaby Spews Senseless And Hateful Remarks About HIV/AIDS And Gay Men

Another homophobic male rapper? No way! (Sarcastically clutching my pearls). Jonathan Kirk aka DaBaby performed at Rolling Loud this past weekend in Miami and went viral after his performance. But most entertainers would hope to go viral for giving an amazing performance – instead DaBaby caught everyone’s attentions for homophobic and hateful remarks he made during his set.

Credit: DaBaby’s Instagram

Injecting unnecessary controversy at the festival, DaBaby decided to launch into a homophobic rant by shaming people who have contracted STI’s, HIV and those who may be living with AIDS. He also decided to take jabs at homosexual men with the following statements:


“If you didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS, any of them deadly sexual transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in 2-3 weeks, put a cell phone light in the air…

Fellas if you ain’t sucking a ni—a dick in the parking lot put yo cell phone lights in the air”.

DaBaby’s stage DJ then adds his own thoughts:


“Some of y’all ni—as suspect as a motherfucker, let’s be real”.

The insensitive, senseless, hateful and homophobic remarks left fans and others feeling confused and outraged. Why use his platform and the main stage at Rolling Loud to make such unnecessary remarks?

After the internet started to condemn (the in my opinion, not so intelligent rapper), DaBaby decided to double-down on his statements and took to his Instagram to justify his stance and continue to dig a deeper grave for himself. After trying to explain himself (with more disgusting comments), he proceeded to tell all that wasn’t actually present at Rolling Loud but still had an option to “Shut the F—k Up”.

There’s a few things to take away from this; not only was this all completely unnecessary but we now know that DaBaby is homophobic. Not only is he insensitive but he continues to further the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. And while it’s just his stage name, DaBaby apparently has the intelligence level and emotional capacity of – an actual infant baby. Do better, sir.

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